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What You Get!

Natural Sexual enhancement product

Full Throttle OnDemand is a premier sexual enhancement product designed specifically for use by men and women. We at Allure Imports Inc., have been in the male enhancement business for a while now and we have a unique understanding of the market for supplements that treat sexual dysfunction. What we have found is that any product that treats male sexual issues and ignores female sexual issues is only doing half the job. We have also found that any product, whether it is a prescription medication or an herbal supplement, that focuses solely on improving physical sexual issues, while ignoring the areas of arousal and libido is not doing the job well.

We have crafted and redesigned the special formula contained in Full Throttle OnDemand to successfully address male and female sexual enhancement issues both physical and psychological. That's our promise.


Natural Sex Enhancement Products


Sex Enhancement Pills for Men & Women

Benefits of Fullthrottle Ondemand are...

  • Effective within 2 hours.
  • Increased sex drive for both men and women.
  • Longer lasting, up to 2 to 3 days.
  • More fulfilling sexual intercourse.
  • Multiple erections possible.
  • Multiple orgasms in women.

How It Works

All of the ingredients are nature's products. Full Throttle OnDemand contains no synthetic chemicals and no additives or colorings. What you get is just what Mother Nature designed – we merely combine it into a unique formula for your sexual pleasure. That's our guarantee.

Sexual enhancement product


Natural Herbs

Smart people are thinking, "how does all this get accomplished?" Our answer is that we have spent years looking for natural herbal ingredients and devoted even more time to working out the appropriate amount of each herb and extract we have chosen in order to provide our customers with a unique blend of supplements that deal with the entire gamut of sexual dysfunction issues. Each Full Throttle OnDemand capsule contains measured proportions of Rhodiola rosea, Muira Puama, Guarana Seed, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Cayenne, Grape Seed Extract, Soy Bean Extract, and Damiana. Each of these natural substances addresses one or more areas of male and female sexual problems and restores the body to normal functioning.

Rhodiola rosea reduces stress and allows the bodies natural functions to come into play and enhance sexual experiences for men and women. Muira Puama is a potent stimulant that plays a role in arousal and increased libido. Guarana Seed and Cayenne are energy boosters and stimulants. They also play a role in increasing genital sensitivity. Ginseng is a legendary aphrodisiac well- known for its role as a sexual enhancement supplement. Saw Palmetto is instrumental in enabling healthier and stronger erections. Grape Seed Extract can aid in the production of more satisfying orgasms. Damiana is an ancient and very effective aphrodisiac. More detailed explanations of the roles of all of these ingredients are contained in the pages that follow but this gives you an idea of how Full Throttle OnDemand addresses the whole sexual enhancement picture.

All of the ingredients listed above are nature's products. Full Throttle OnDemand contains no synthetic chemicals and no additives or colorings. What you get is just what Mother Nature designed – we merely combine it into a unique formula for your sexual pleasure. That's our guarantee.

Doctor's Approved

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The biggest problem in the supplement industry, including the sexual enhancement supplement industry, is the unreliability of the end product. Independent tests reveal that nearly 50-60% of all supplements on the market do not contain what they say they contain in the amounts that are promised on the label. We are very aware of this justified criticism and therefore we work with an independent organization (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices) to insure that everything we put into our product is safe and everything you see on the label is in each and every capsule in the exact same proportions. Our product will not do any harm to your body physically or mentally and it will produce the advertised results regularly. That's our pledge to you.


Happy Couples

We are fully aware that men and women living with sexual dysfunction issues, who are in need of a sexual enhancement product like Full Throttle OnDemand are entitled to anonymity and discretion. We take those issues very seriously. Full Throttle OnDemand is available online and that's where the bulk of our orders come from. Order your supply from the privacy of your own home and we will promptly process your order and deliver it to your home within 3 working days. Our packaging is plain and simple with no identifying markings or labels. You no longer have to deal face-to-face with a pharmacist, a health food store employee, or your Physician for that matter. Your private sexual life remains private and discreet. That's our commitment to you.

Read through our website. Learn more about our product and our process. Focus on what the medical professionals have to say. See what Full Throttle OnDemand users have to say and want to share about their experiences with Full Throttle OnDemand. Before long you, too, will be a believer in Full Throttle OnDemand.

Here's What Full Throttle OnDemand Will Do for You

If you are a man experiencing difficulty getting or maintaining erections or experiencing low libido and a general disinterest in sex for any reason including, the side effects of prescription meds for blood pressure problems, Full Throttle OnDemand, will restore your sense of arousal and desire for sex along with giving you the ability to produce healthy, firm erections that lead to satisfying orgasms for you and your partner. That's our mission.

If you are a woman experiencing a loss of libido due to menopause, or as a collateral effect of prescription medications for depression, Full Throttle OnDemand, will help erase those conditions and restore you to having a healthy desire for sexual activity. If you are experiencing dryness and discomfort in the genital area, Full Throttle OnDemand addresses that issue as well. That's our mission.

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Full Throttle OnDemand Works Promptly and is Long Lasting

You can use Full Throttle OnDemand as a situational aid or you can take it regularly for its effects to last permanently. After taking a capsule with water, preferably on an empty stomach, you can expect the full potency of Full Throttle OnDemand in one to two hours. The effectiveness of Full Throttle OnDemand will last for up to 72 hours. So, if you take a pill every three or four days you will permanently enhance your sex life. Keep in mind that both men and women profit from the benefits of our product. It makes sense to consult your doctor before taking Full Throttle OnDemand if you are on prescription medications, but our research has shown that there is little or no interference between Full Throttle OnDemand and most prescribed drugs. Our product is available in one dose packets all the way up to six month supplies. Buying larger amounts saves money, of course.

In addition, you need not worry about using Full Throttle OnDemand together with the judicious use of alcohol. While other products specifically advise against consuming alcohol when taking their product, we are confident in saying that there are no adverse interactions between our product and alcoholic beverages taken in moderation.

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Natural Sexual Enhancement Products For Women & Men
Natural Sexual Enhancement Products For Women & Men